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Our Services

Kitchen Tools (Residental)

There are over a thousand kinds of products available in our shop. These are primarily suitable for domestic use, but we also offer a wide range of catering equipments and facilities for educational institutions. In addition to hundreds of small kitchen equipments, like porcelain, glass and plastic, as well as a wealth of aluminum and stainless steel pots and pans are included in our product range. If we do not have the required item in our warehouse, we will order them for our partners. Our flexibility does not prove even better than we can get almost any kitchenware, whether it’s for a kitchen, a restaurant, a cafe or a confectionery. We also distribute catering machinery and equipments, which we also undertake to deliver. Depending on our customer’s requirements, we try to offer the best value on the market. In addition, we assist in the complete design, and we provide full counselling through our years of experience. A kitchen technology plan is quite complex because it does not only have to meet different standards, but also individual expectations and the expectations of people who will specifically use the equipment. The maximum purchase time of the machines is 3-4 weeks, which of course comes after a professional installation. In the event of an error, which is extremely rare, we can provide quick service.

Please contact us with our kitchen and catering machinery + 36-70-337-843 (László Lukács Executive Director) or + 36-70-777-6264 (Csaba Sajgó co-owner).

You can view and order our retail kitchen equipments from our webshop: