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Our Services


Among the activities of our company takes privileged position the distribution of premium teas. SebaSTea brand tea specialties have been imported since 2015. Currently, we are the sole distributor in Hungary, but we have close plans to familiarize these unique flavor teas in neighboring countries. In addition to the basics, such as natural green tea, black tea, there are plenty of special products made of natural ingredients on the palette. Unsweetened teas offer a much more intense taste experience than the standard products in our country. The carefully selected tea leaves of Ceylon come from different regions, so SebaSTea naturally black teas also have different natural aromas due to different landscapes and environmental conditions. There are more than 80 varieties of products, including orchards, spices and smoother teas. They are also available in fiber and filter formulations, which, in keeping with the quality of the base materials, have aesthetic and unique packaging. Certain collections were made in a gift box made of metal, emphasizing the premium quality and exceptionality of SebaSTea products in the teas.

Would you like to participate in the distribution of these premium products? We are constantly looking for reseller partners.
Please contact us + 36-70-337-843 (László Lukács Executive Director) or + 36-70-777-6264 (Csaba Sajgó co-owner) in one of the phone numbers.

If you would like to taste one of our tea specialties, you can order them from any point of the country: